Outdoor Kitchens

Combining style and functionality with an innovative approach, we aspire to create an outdoor kitchen for beautiful moments. A practical outdoor kitchen, carrying the timeless elegance of Röshults, perfectly suited to accommodate the discerning individual. The result is a personalized Kitchen Island, made to meet and exceed your expectations!

Wood Oven

Wood Oven

Gas Grill

Gas Grill

Sink & Tap

Sink & Tap

Modular Kitchen Accessories

Outdoor kitchens are growing in popularity and as such, more and more innovations are being created to give customers a wider selection of materials and finishes to produce the outdoor kitchen of their dreams.

Thanks to our partnership with suppliers Röshults we can offer a wider variety of finishes, tailored completely to your desired specifications, in assembles that create truly bespoke, luxurious and contemporary visions of outdoor living space, making them perfect additions to your home.

We utilise a broad spectrum of materials from timber, to metal in order to create your ideal vision and each of which give a different and unique finish for you to enjoy. That being said, when building your outdoor kitchen it is important to consider the space, the feel, the look and the durability, especially with the varied and ever-changing climate we experience here in the UK.

Thanks to Röshults’ excellent range of high-quality craftsmanship from hard-wearing materials, we can offer you their complete range to choose from, which will transform your outdoor living space. Picking your bespoke outdoor kitchen has never been as enjoyable and easy.

1. Choose modules
Design your kitchen by first deciding how you want to use it, and where you want to place the different working stations. Choose 2 – 8 modules.

2. Design the cabinets
To make your Kitchen Island perfectly tailored, choose your cabinet interior.
3. Customize the layoutDecide the total depth of the Kitchen Island by choosing the depth of the optional adjoining bar.

4. Choose a colour
Design the final touch of your Kitchen Island by choosing the colour of the frame, doors and modules.

5. Choose accessories
The final choice that makes your outdoor kitchen experience complete. Luxurious covers, fry-tops, iron cooking grate, work plates, wok holders etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you have a catalogue of all your available units, options and finishes?

    Yes, we do, this catalogue can be sent to you upon request. However, we always have a copy for you to view at the consultation and planning stages of our process.

  • What areas do you cover?

    Although we are based in Cheshire, we supply and fit bespoke outdoor kitchens throughout England and the United Kingdom.

  • Do you have other suppliers?

    Yes, we have access to a range of suppliers such as Weber, Lotte, Sub-Zero, Hansgrohe, and Franke.

    We are also partnered with Awnings and Canopies based in Bristol.

    With our range of suppliers, we can create luxurious, bespoke outdoor kitchens.

  • What is a modular kitchen?

    A modular kitchen gives you complete control when it comes to choosing your style and having a kitchen that fits your outdoor space.

    You can select from various modules that suits your needs and style.

Premium Unrivalled Quality

Here at Bespoke Outdoor Kitchens we ensure nothing but the highest quality workmanship and products. We plan every inch and every minute detail throughout the design and build process.-

Outdoor kitchen architecture is a thing of elegance, luxury and maticulous detail and the end results are sure to impress anyone.