Bespoke outdoor kitchens tailored to you

Upon making an enquiry and booking an appointment, we will begin by offering you a consultation whereby we will discuss the following areas with you to help highlight what is involved and what is required when building an outdoor kitchen, they are:

  • Taking your details
  • What you hope to create
  • Location and landscape
  • Any possible obstacles that we may have to overcome
  • Basic costs
  • Payment plans and options
  • Breaking down our process
  • Information about our supply chain

During the consultation phase we encourage all our customers to ask as many questions as they can, as we want all our customers to understand every component within our service so they are happy and content with their decision to move forward.

2Planning & Design

Bespoke outdoor kitchens tailored to you

After the initial consultation, should you decide to move forward, we begin the planning and designing phase. This stage is where you select your cabinetry, accessories, worktops and appliances, as well as discuss the essential kitchen architecture, landscape, workable space and desired outdoor kitchen location as well as the kitchens workflow and layout.

This phase stretches over a couple of appointments, which we endeavour to keep as close together as possible (normally a week apart). to help, we have broken down what you can expect from each meeting:

Appointment 1

  • Assess the outdoor space, taking note of any existing plumbing and electricity points as well as taking the required measurements.
  • Draw out a sketched and initial drawing of the space.
  • Take photos of the space if necessarily.
  • Discuss your desired layout and apply to initial sketch.
  • Go through our catalogue of available units, worktops, accessories, furniture, worktops, outdoor kitchen BBQs and more, offering as many samples as possible to demonstrate the quality, look and feel of each item, so that you can consider your options and make a decision
  • Discuss initial pricing estimate based on your choices.
  • Take note of any landscape gardeners who you may have working at the same time, so that we can contact them, and work in tandem, assisting one another where needed.

Appointment 2

  • Present you with your kitchen architecture drawings / blueprints
  • done to scale
  • Finalise decisions made
  • Finalise pricing and payment method and plans
  • Inform you of the next step
  • Confirm the date the materials will be dropped off at site
  • Provide you with an anticipated start date and expected completion date.

Upon finalising your decisions, we then place your orders with our suppliers and confirm your start date.


Bespoke outdoor kitchens tailored to you

Supplies have arrived, workers are on-site, that means installation has begun. In an effort to keep communication clear, concise and harmonious, you will have a singular point of contact should you have any questions during the installation, as it is extremely important to both you and bespokeoutdoorkitchens.com that everything you want, is in place. Having said that, of course our friendly, dedicated staff are always happy to answer any questions when on-site should you feel the need to ask them directly.

During the installation you will be brought up-to-date at the end of each working day (5pm) so that your aware of the progress made

Upon installation being completed, we will review and assessment the assembly, in order to carry out the following:

  • Health and safety checks and standards are met
  • All requested finishes are in place and not damaged
  • Check that appliances are working
  • The outdoor kitchen is cleaned to a spotless and immaculate condition
  • Reveal the finished work to you, our customer and give you a chance to check and inspect it
  • Finalise any outstanding paperwork and discuss our aftercare service


Bespoke outdoor kitchens tailored to you

Now that your outdoor kitchen ideas have come to life, you can begin to enjoy it, but like everything, accidents can happen and sometimes unforeseen issues can arise, that is why we offer a FREE aftercare service for 12 months to fix any issues that crop up in that time to ensure that outdoor kitchen, including electric, plumbing and appliances like a built-in outdoor kitchen BBQ and the general outdoor living space is in perfect condition and working order.

More Information

For more information or to book a free consultation, please do not hesitate to contact us by filling in an enquiry form. Alternatively you can call us on 0151 336 7767 or email us at create@bespokeoutdoorkitchens.com and we will be happy to help.